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so long and thanks for all the fish.

today tuesday, i went hiking with pat and found an awesome place to chill. pat and i...we are dorks, but we love college. i'm glad he is here. one can only party so much. when you are in a setting like this, you have to go outside and blade and hike and enjoy it. it was all very good. i played frisbee with a couple of chicks and ian asked me to play later.
i called corey after much ado. we frustrate each other and making matters phone is super queit. emily and i don't know why. we are getting along ok-ish. corey, well, we both screwed the other person over at some point and we both have very good memories when it comes to each other. really. i can remember just about any good conversation. i talked to him for quite a while in the lounge. very nice.

"What do you do when the only person who can make you stop crying, is the one who made you cry?"

also, "is the dancer mad if you can't hear the music?" jeffy
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