forget I ever happened (tikichi) wrote,
forget I ever happened

i like college. i am super busy and i left my black book at the dorm (which i referred to as "home" while talking to corey). it has been fun, except i am pretty sure i am making myself psychosomatically sick. i threw up twice already today. i haven't eaten anything wierd. i ate an apple so i wouldn't be so tired (i rollerbladed ALL OVER twice). the goodbye went well, the roommie isn't bad but she is typical highschooler. we put together a lamp yesterday. the room is very spiffy, but the internet isn't working yet. i am in the commons working on this now and talking to corey. i haven't talked to him since sunday (gasp) and i miss him.
i no longer feel overwhelmed, but i like having him around to talk to. i realize that if i went to madison, i would have gone to a safety school because he would be there and i wouldn't need to meet new people. i am meeting new people and i think i have found a few good ones. one is a bio student and the other 3 are all physical therapy. roommie by the way, is nursing. winona is the number two ranked party school in minnesota after st cloud. i have no ambition to party. i want to blade, be childish with pat, hike, do good at school. i'm really glad i have it out of my system. unpacking with the parents made me crave a hit, but i was good. go me.
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