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douglas adams, god, and a puff of logic

holy man, it's been a looooong time. i don't remember thursday. i was probably out (as i am every night). i worked with adam! i remember! i worked with adam and then i went to corey's (i think). i remember asking adam what i should wear. i had a decent time at work. it is possible corey game over here and we watched rainman and i got really bored and started to build a fort of out couch cushions. i think that was on thursday.

friday: i hung out with cullen and we:
  • went down franklin hill in neutral from a dead stop and made it to 50 in the 25 before i braked.
  • stole 5 tennis balls
  • climbed aweseome trees at oak island (i am now a climbing APOSTLE!)
  • found a hubcap for a ford (took it)
  • found a deli in wasuau called "prima deli" which led us on a search for a bottle opener so we could drink "sparkling orange beverage" from italy, which tasted like weak orange soda. after asking a few people, we went to ben's house. he helped me out. yay ben!
  • decided winona only has 3 teachers, one building, and only offers 3 majors to its 10 students (te he he)

  • after that, sara and i went to the Project Underground concert. i like their music. i like the people. i don't like it when people come there and stand around like dipshits. worse than that is the people who diss the band because it is local. you have no point.

    from concert to truck stop, where matt and rachel were. we had a good time with them. also, i found nicole who called to see if i wanted to go bungee jumping. too bad she didn't get my message. i wanted to go. we drove around a bit and talked. she will be fine.

    saturday! i worked for 8 hours straight, if working means occasionally getting up from the movie to guard for an hour or two. savanah and i got draganfly which wasn't bad. after that, i got home, talked to jeff g. bought dr. pepper and went to gleason for tim's grad party. "congratulations tim from the (interchangeable) sisters" it was a pretty good time except for corey not talking to me. nathan's ear is pierced in an odd way which looks cool. jeff's two little sisters were never more than 3 feet from me. really. i invited tim, jason, corey, and nathan back to my house to watch resident evil. corey ignored me. i went to the buffolo and talked to lucas for a while and then went home. watched the end of chocolate and then the guys came over, including corey. the movie wasn't too good. after word everyone left in a rather uneventful fashion.

    sunday: shopping with molly and jenna at 9 in the morning was a blast. we had an awesome time. we didn't buy much, but had great conversation. hollister is the west coast version of AF and weathervane is a knock of aeropostle. i wouldn't wear any of them anyway, but i thought you would want to know. we questioned sales associates for these hard hitting answers. also, jenna and i think any guy who can wear leather flip flop (thong) sandals, jeans, and a button down has excellent taste, provided they are clean and well fitting. trust us on this. jeans with leather flip flops = hot damn. the drive home was a riot. i drove the jeep which doesn't have power steering. power assist and big tires. wooo! i bought flip flops and this awesome paul frank sweatshirt.
    paul frank read-a-thon
    if you are illiterate, you can't read this.
    i got home, went to brent's, said goodbye. bleah. i will get $30 for my shit and piece, so i'm happy. if anyone else wants to make a bid for more, go ahead. i went to corey's, talked to jenson, margie, and rick. played frisbee in the dark with jenson and corey. much fun. i can't jump, the car is safety, jenson and i are secretly eating all of the vegeatbles, jenson taught me to throw a diff way. around 10 ( i had to leave by 10:30), jenson said he was leaving. i had wanted to hang out with corey, but he said goodbye to me, too. so i left. this seems to happen a lot. i am one of the guys to the guys, but less than that to corey. he says i am more, but acts like i'm not there. what scares me is i can't just say "fuck it" and walk out. we talked online a little when i got home and he said he didn't actually want me to leave, but there is no way i would have known that because he walked in, turned off all the downstairs lights and was gone. had he chilled in the kitchen, maybe i could have gotten that. whatever.

    email from pat says " I am interested to see how the Corey thing turns once you are in College. I hope you turn out happy whatever happens. By the way Tony {mcconnel} said again that the Corey thing is really bad for you cuz he is a jerk and you should leave. Leave him for WHOOOOO? you can guess:)" tony mcconnel has a wee crush on me. jenna says "you should go for tony kouba because you and he have such a good time together and you will live an hour apart and..." the list goes on.

    random things:
    jeffy says "in that giddy frederick way" i will miss stephy. today i went to debate and talked to mehlos. he has me excited for debating in college. he is funny because he takes it so seriously. douglas adams rawks! how do you know when you're dreaming?
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