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i tried to ignore the pudding, but ended up dipping pretzels in it

wow! i ended up turning adam down. stephy and i were laughing so hard today we almost drowned. we should have kept adam there so he could save us. the noodle through the suit was a riot. so were the summersults (why are they called summer? do people only do them when filled with joy from the summer?) stephy and jeff and i went to get change and then stephy and i spent half an hour in the movie store. she rocks. THEN i got home (i hate my mom) and jeff called ME. jeff didn't want a piece of ass, not that i was offering. in fact, i said no, do you still want to hang out with me and he said yes. i'm shocked. i wanna watch a movie with stephy and corey (they are both very fun), but stupid bitch one needs as much sleep as she thinks i need.

ok, now corey can't come over and i want to see him. i'm never fucking come back here. fuck this. fuck these people. it is much worse when matt is home because he pretends he is an adult. fuck it. i'm taking a shower and going to see if corey wants to hang out in general or i will call jeff or i will sit outside in a park and play my harmonica. i am so excited. it was so much better before they cared about me. this is probably why i smoke on occasion. i still have 2 numbers left! neener neener! =) i don't like that they laud paying for things over me. i will probably take off my sophomore year, house sit for auntie barb and work. maybe work and do a part time student deal. i have so many certifications that have to do with swimming. i want my pool operator licsence or better, WSI instructor. well paid positions. i can always use my aerobics and wsi certs. i could work at a gym. i could be like sheila dickman.

i don't like to take the lord's name in vain. i don't want to dissapoint stephy. she is taking a shower. i'm going to do the same and maybe she and i will just run away. in fact, she already has pretty well laid plans provided spanish + german = french.

now i can't go out with jeff because apparently, jeff is like grant. i fucking hate her! she is a wench! jeff is nothing like grant. at the beginning of writing this, my mood was silly. rage.
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