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i took a bite of the retard's dreamcicle

my little siter is funny, but we are pretty sure the 4.0 child prodigy is now retarded. her unorganization is going to cause her to become homeless (maybe i too am retarded for making that connection). "i like blueberries. No, not yogurt. just blueberries. are you a toad?"nooo!! now she is attacking me!! lol! "gurgle" says the retard as she tries to bite me!

enough of that. when i talked to pete yesterday he said something like "your major is all in your head". he explained what he meant by that and i remembered how much i liked him. today, i went rollerblading for 3 or 4 miles, called nicole, tony so we can party it up at CWES on friday with pat, and i called GRANT! (big goofy grin), finished a necklace for pat because the last one was on jute and broke, and watched shawshank redemtion. it was pretty good. i think it would be better with the choice of alternate endings. tomorrow, grant and i are hanging out in the afternoon (i asked myself all the necessary questions and have decided it is ok to enjoy instead of entertain) and then shanna and i are going to minority report.

my mom just asked me if i remembered when i smeared a stick of butter all over the closet doors. i was 4 or 5, but i do remember. she wants to know if i came up with a reason i did that. i have not. i should really get one. she has been waiting a long time for that answer.

i need to work on my run on sentences. the sentences start to lose their meaning. oh yeah, corey is gone until the 11 or 12. if i can make it this long without him, i shoudl be ok for college. if i become a sniveling mass of snot, i am in trouble. i should not listen to dashboard. also, this new song i am hooked on...i shouldn't listen to that either. or the other new song i like. "some people say they heard it all before, but i still can't believe that time you walked into my door" he couldn't believe i just showed up on my half day (a tuesday) to talk to him. i knocked on the door and opened it and he was so surprised. shit.
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