forget I ever happened (tikichi) wrote,
forget I ever happened

there is no doubt that dylan, with all his faults, is incredibly hot. i must post a pic.

its the greatest new art supply ever, kids! pot ash charcoal. you can make it yourself or dylan and renee will supply you with some.
needless to say, i missed chris a lot the past 3 days. unfortunately, he did not express or even hint at having the same sentiments. this led to renee no longer being really excited to see him and instead, sinking to his crap mood. she left at 10:00 pm, the exact time he said she should leave (not should so much as in she asked "what time would you like me to leave?" and he said "10:00"). instead of going home, renee went to the art room to "get her cd case" knowing damn well dylan would be there. we talked. a lot. 4 hours worth of talking [about everything! it was lovely and craaazy (we were stoned) and even included relationships (his and mine) which came to an interesting point when christine showed up so dylan could tell her they were just friends and this was all a "big misunderstanding" which is the phrase i dolled out to him] and a little broomstick fighting which came from a fantastic conversation on strength and violence and skill. he is down with partying it up this weekend at my aunts. what!? renee isn't going to the twin cities with grover to see m.a. and her boy?! huh?
that may not be the case, but friday night i have to be here so i can work saturday morning, so it only makes sense to be a rockstar on friday night. hopefully, renee and boy will have this cleared up and still be able to enjoy some good times with 2 perfect strangers.

*a note on the subject and this entry: good times can be had with aaron and dylan and the like. i can say dylan is hot (because he is) and yet, still remain completely gooey over chris because he is my friend, i know him really well, we know each other, and we have a lot more in common than dylan and i, even though dylan and i are the same age and don't take 3 days to recover from a hangover.
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