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don't call me sir, i work for a living

yes ladies and gentleman, it is coming. go forth and consume because THAT is your job. to consume. keep the economy going. keep good music alive. do your part.

i was 10 minutes late to work today because at 4:25 i decided it was absolutely necessary and vital to my well being to eat half a loaf of bread/toast. peanut butter, jelly, romano cheese, margarine, sugar, and cinnamon. then i took a shower and headed off. mad cash = $71, 11 of which went to bussers and useless bartenders.

tony...23 years old. yes, i could, but i don't want to. i like my muscles by default, punk-ish brainiacs. so i didn't.

i've taken on my aunt's basement. i need to go to saint vinnies and pick up a few mirrors, plastic storage bins, and possibly, another green chair to add to my marvelous collection. this woman...
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